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Every Summer

April 15, 2014

Lisa always looked up to Evelyn, her older cousin. Every summer, they would spend two months at the family summerhouse beside the lake. During that time, Evelyn would tell Lisa stories of the big city where she lived. She would talk about her love of fashion and tell Lisa stories of thrift shopping with her friends. Evelyn always knew how to put together the perfect outfit for any occasion and was amazing at finding incredible deals and sales. She would tell Lisa all about the hottest make up and beauty trends, giving her tutorials and styling her hair. The two cousins would often pretend they were in a seacret spa and use seacret mud masks to rejuvenate their skin, as they enjoyed the beautiful summer weather.


All summer they swam in the lake, sailed on the water, and relaxed on the dock, basking in the sun. The girls loved to swim and would dive deep into the dark cool waters to explore what lay beneath. They would also often take adventures into the small town near the summerhouse and purchase delicious cakes and pies from the town’s lovely bakeshop. While Evelyn may have been the beauty fashionista, Lisa was the baking expert. She would spend some afternoons with the owner of the town’s bakeshop, learning how to prepare the baked delicacies. She was a natural, and picked up the knack of baking quicker than most. Her favourite dessert to make was lemon meringue pie. She would often make this dessert for the entire family after one of their delicious barbeques.


As that summer neared to an end, Lisa and Evelyn continued to enjoy their own seacret spa, treating each other with relaxing and beautiful seacret products. They would also nibble on some of Lisa’s delicious baked treats as they enjoyed rejuvenating mud masks. It was a summer to remember and neither cousin wanted it to end. When the family closed up the summerhouse at the end of the summer season, Lisa and Evelyn gave each other a big hug and promised to never forget all of the fun they had had that wonderful summer by the lake.