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Keloid scars: Diagnosis and treatment

June 12, 2015

Keloid scar is a form that appear on our skin after our skin is bruised, cut or injured. Scar tissue gather around the wound and grows tremendously strong into a form we call keloids or keloid scars. The aesthetic problem is that the keloid scar is often way larger than the actual bruise its covering. We cannot say that keloids are bad for your health but it does creates a discomfort in a few ways. First, it radiates pain, it is itchy and it is looks very displeasing. The cosmetic reason is the main reason why keloid removal is so popular but not the only one – the forms that keep on expanding can hurt and interfere with your routine or work.

What are the causes for the occurrence of keloids?

  • Burns and cuts,
  • Piercing of any kind – ear lobe especially,
  • Deep scratch,
  • Acne,
  • Surgical scars and healing wounds,
  • Shot/vaccine reaction

When you examine your condition, those signs will help you tell if you have a keloid scars

  • Is the area of scar tissue keeps expanding and growing? (It can take weeks or months)
  • Does it itch? Does it feels patchy and foreign to the skin?
  • Does it feel like it is raised above the skin? Almost like there is a bump inside?
  • Is it different than color of your skin? Does it look red and irritated?

Treat keloid scars as soon as you can and prevent any future growth of the scar. Some of us are more prone than others for multiple keloid scars and keloid removal treatments are highly recommended. The acute problem of people suffering from multiple keloid scars is moving around – the scars “toughen up” and create a problem with functional task, wearing certain clothes showering and more. New treatments for removing keloid scars show great achievements and operate to eliminate stress and discomfort of many suffering from keloid scars. Even though it seemed only cosmetic, it sure is not – by removing the keloid scars, you also remove a great burden of embarrassment, discomfort and unwanted self-awareness, the new treatment is a quick, impressive and powerful solution.