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Keloid Scarring- The Shiny Dome on your Skin

November 8, 2015

The skin condition happens due to overgrowth of the scar tissue. This is one of the cosmetic scars that you would like to get rid of, because their growth will not recess over ti

me. These scars keep growing in size and shape, when they occur over an injury or a wound. They form an irregular shape when they appear on the skin. They are smooth in texture and pink in color. They are a kind of unstoppable scars that can occur suddenly on the skin.

Symptoms, causes, and treatments

It can be treated. There are various treatments available for removing the scars. The Cortisone injections are given to flatten them. These are not painful and are given every four weeks or eight weeks, depending upon the severity. However, using this treatment, even if the scars flattens, the mark of scarring still stays. Surgery is risky, because a larger Keloid could be formed on the surgical cut. The laser treatment is a costly and effective option to flatten them. They will be treated in a few sessions when you go for the laser treatment. Radiation is also one of the safe and effective methods used by many doctors to treat this condition.Keloid scarring is fleshy and lumpy and looks bigger than the original wound, though it is a scar. It is also an itchy patch of the skin. They only cause irritation and itching, and are harmless in nature. It is said that changes in the cell growth could cause this cosmetic condition of the skin. The real reason is not yet known. Body piercing can lead to this skin condition. Adult men and women are more susceptible to this condition than children or elders. If you have had acne, burns, skin injury, cuts, scratches, or any other kind of injury, it could develop into a Keloid. It is uncommon for a Keloid to form on the face. The most common places where the scarring happens on the body are the chest, earlobes, back, and shoulders. Do not go for any cosmetic surgeries once you have this condition.

Most of the times Keloid scarring is not treated, except for over growth that makes the body part look abnormal. The treatment is taken only to reduce the size of the scars. Anybody could use these treatments to reduce a Keloid. The only way to prevent the occurring of a Keloid is to avoid piercing, cuts, and any other kinds of wounds.