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CryoShape Offers an Excellent Way for Keloid Treatment

January 19, 2016

When people have surgery, or receive some type of cut or wound, it often results in a keloid type of scar. Keloids are thick, elevated scars that can be painful, very red, and itchy. Since they are so unattractive and uncomfortable, many people seek to have these scars removed. That is not as difficult or as painful as it sounds, however, as there are new methods coming out regularly that help remove them.

Options for Removing Keloids

In the past, there have been few options for reducing keloid scars. Up until now, most methods were virtually ineffective in reducing or eliminating these scars, as most required several treatments with limited results. A variety of surgical methods were used, but these were both ineffective – particularly in the case of larger keloids – and inconvenient for the patient, since it required multiple visits to the doctor or clinic. Today, however, there are other options for keloid treatment that include freezing the deep scar tissue that forms the keloid, thereby eliminating it. Unlike those used in the past, methods such as CryoShape require only one treatment and produce results that are better than any other method.

Methods such as CryoShape use a probe that attacks the tissue itself that surrounds the scar. It is virtually painless, and even larger keloid scars can usually be removed after only one treatment. Regardless of where your scar is located – on the face, arm, or any other part of your body – these methods are effective not only in removing the scar, but in keeping it away.

Finding the right company for your keloid treatment is easy, because most have professional websites on the Internet. There, they will describe the procedure in detail, including the products they use and what to expect from your visit, as well as information on the device they use during the procedure and what to expect after the procedure is done. Visiting these websites will tell you everything you need to know, and will give you information on what doctors are performing this type of treatment in your area.