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Enhance Your Facial Care with Seacret

July 17, 2013

Dead Sea cosmetics expert Seacret can help add vitality to your facial care routine.

When it comes to facial care, there are plenty of ways in which we can improve the look and feel of our skin. We can also look after it in ways which can’t be seen or felt, thanks to nourishing and revitalizing products that are widely available. But knowing what to include in your facial care routine can be tricky. Here’s a look at a simple routine that will give your skin all that it needs.


Before we start, one thing worth considering is the use of Dead Sea cosmetics. The waters of the Dead Sea are mineral-rich, and these minerals are excellent for the skin. Companies like Seacret have now made it easy to get such products, thanks to mail order and online sales.


The Routine:




A.M. Following your bath/shower, begin your routine by applying cleanser or face wash to your face. Everybody’s skin is different so finding a cleanser than suits yours and feels good at the same time. Remove using cotton wool. Follow this up with an application of toner, which removes any cleanser residue and tightens pores, and reduces their visibility. After this, add a light moisturizer.


P.M. Use a waterproof makeup remover (if you wear makeup) before cleansing your skin as above. Alternatively, use a mud mask or peeling gel to add vitality to your skin. Again, apply toner before opting for a rich, nighttime moisturizer.


2-3 Times Per Week


Use a facial scrub or wash to exfoliate when necessary. Exfoliating two to three times a week is perfectly adequate, although some people prefer to exfoliate more or less often. Making use of an exfoliating cloth takes further good care of your skin.


Once a Week


Try to make time to use a deep-cleansing, exfoliating mask at least once a week. Follow this up with a moisturizing mask or peeling milk.


There you have it, a simple routine that can soon add life to your face. The Seacret Spa range features a number of suitable products that include Dead Sea minerals amongst their ingredients, a sure fire way to give your face that little extra TLC it deserves.

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