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Seacret Puts the Benefits of the Dead Sea in Your Hand

July 17, 2013

The health benefits of the Dead Sea are now available in your hand thanks to Seacret.

While the importance of water in the desert can never be downplayed, the waters of the Dead Sea have proven to be just a little more special than those of most other desert lakes.


Set within the deserts of Israel and Jordan, the Dead Sea has become renowned for its therapeutic qualities. For centuries this Middle Eastern lake has lured visitors from across the globe with promises of healing waters that combat diseases and skin complaints, and being none other than the Fountain of Youth.


It’s true these stories have become extremely far-fetched, but in reality these waters are actually very good for the body. Thanks to its unique geographical and geological setting, the sea is rich with salt and other minerals, many of which prove beneficial to the body. Some of these minerals are completely unique to these waters, and even scientists have struggled when trying to replicate them under controlled conditions. The minerals of the Dead Sea have been known to prove valuable in tackling respiration complaints and skin diseases, with eczema, psoriasis, and asthma all on the list of those conditions that can be relieved with by taking a dip.


In recent years, minerals from the Dead Sea have become highly sought after within the cosmetics industry. As more and more people recognize the benefits of taking care of their skin, cosmetics companies have made a beeline for these unique minerals found in the Dead Sea. Seacret, for example, has utilized these to create a range of skin and face care products that replenish and rejuvenate skin.


Each item in the Seacret Spa range has been created using 100 percent authentic Dead Sea minerals to offer the very best care in skincare. While making the lengthy journey to the Dead Sea itself may be out of reach, its therapeutic qualities certainly are not.


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