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CryoShape Offers an Excellent Way for Keloid Treatment

January 19, 2016

When people have surgery, or receive some type of cut or wound, it often results in a keloid type of scar. Keloids are thick, elevated scars that can be painful, very red, and itchy. Since they are so unattractive and uncomfortable, many people seek to have these scars removed. That is not as difficult or as painful as it sounds, however, as there are new methods coming out regularly that help remove them.

Options for Removing Keloids

In the past, there have been few options for reducing keloid scars. Up until now, most methods were virtually ineffective in reducing or eliminating these scars, as most required several treatments with limited results. A variety of surgical methods were used, but these were both ineffective – particularly in the case of larger keloids – and inconvenient for the patient, since it required multiple visits to the doctor or clinic. Today, however, there are other options for keloid treatment that include freezing the deep scar tissue that forms the keloid, thereby eliminating it. Unlike those used in the past, methods such as CryoShape require only one treatment and produce results that are better than any other method.

Methods such as CryoShape use a probe that attacks the tissue itself that surrounds the scar. It is virtually painless, and even larger keloid scars can usually be removed after only one treatment. Regardless of where your scar is located – on the face, arm, or any other part of your body – these methods are effective not only in removing the scar, but in keeping it away.

Finding the right company for your keloid treatment is easy, because most have professional websites on the Internet. There, they will describe the procedure in detail, including the products they use and what to expect from your visit, as well as information on the device they use during the procedure and what to expect after the procedure is done. Visiting these websites will tell you everything you need to know, and will give you information on what doctors are performing this type of treatment in your area.

Keloid Scarring- The Shiny Dome on your Skin

November 8, 2015

The skin condition happens due to overgrowth of the scar tissue. This is one of the cosmetic scars that you would like to get rid of, because their growth will not recess over ti

me. These scars keep growing in size and shape, when they occur over an injury or a wound. They form an irregular shape when they appear on the skin. They are smooth in texture and pink in color. They are a kind of unstoppable scars that can occur suddenly on the skin.

Symptoms, causes, and treatments

It can be treated. There are various treatments available for removing the scars. The Cortisone injections are given to flatten them. These are not painful and are given every four weeks or eight weeks, depending upon the severity. However, using this treatment, even if the scars flattens, the mark of scarring still stays. Surgery is risky, because a larger Keloid could be formed on the surgical cut. The laser treatment is a costly and effective option to flatten them. They will be treated in a few sessions when you go for the laser treatment. Radiation is also one of the safe and effective methods used by many doctors to treat this condition.Keloid scarring is fleshy and lumpy and looks bigger than the original wound, though it is a scar. It is also an itchy patch of the skin. They only cause irritation and itching, and are harmless in nature. It is said that changes in the cell growth could cause this cosmetic condition of the skin. The real reason is not yet known. Body piercing can lead to this skin condition. Adult men and women are more susceptible to this condition than children or elders. If you have had acne, burns, skin injury, cuts, scratches, or any other kind of injury, it could develop into a Keloid. It is uncommon for a Keloid to form on the face. The most common places where the scarring happens on the body are the chest, earlobes, back, and shoulders. Do not go for any cosmetic surgeries once you have this condition.

Most of the times Keloid scarring is not treated, except for over growth that makes the body part look abnormal. The treatment is taken only to reduce the size of the scars. Anybody could use these treatments to reduce a Keloid. The only way to prevent the occurring of a Keloid is to avoid piercing, cuts, and any other kinds of wounds.

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July 10, 2015

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Keloid scars: Diagnosis and treatment

June 12, 2015

Keloid scar is a form that appear on our skin after our skin is bruised, cut or injured. Scar tissue gather around the wound and grows tremendously strong into a form we call keloids or keloid scars. The aesthetic problem is that the keloid scar is often way larger than the actual bruise its covering. We cannot say that keloids are bad for your health but it does creates a discomfort in a few ways. First, it radiates pain, it is itchy and it is looks very displeasing. The cosmetic reason is the main reason why keloid removal is so popular but not the only one – the forms that keep on expanding can hurt and interfere with your routine or work. read more …

Every Summer

April 15, 2014

Lisa always looked up to Evelyn, her older cousin. Every summer, they would spend two months at the family summerhouse beside the lake. During that time, Evelyn would tell Lisa stories of the big city where she lived. She would talk about her love of fashion and tell Lisa stories of thrift shopping with her friends. Evelyn always knew how to put together the perfect outfit for any occasion and was amazing at finding incredible deals and sales. She would tell Lisa all about the hottest make up and beauty trends, giving her tutorials and styling her hair. The two cousins would often pretend they were in a seacret spa and use seacret mud masks to rejuvenate their skin, as they enjoyed the beautiful summer weather.


All summer they swam in the lake, sailed on the water, and relaxed on the dock, basking in the sun. The girls loved to swim and would dive deep into the dark cool waters to explore what lay beneath. They would also often take adventures into the small town near the summerhouse and purchase delicious cakes and pies from the town’s lovely bakeshop. While Evelyn may have been the beauty fashionista, Lisa was the baking expert. She would spend some afternoons with the owner of the town’s bakeshop, learning how to prepare the baked delicacies. She was a natural, and picked up the knack of baking quicker than most. Her favourite dessert to make was lemon meringue pie. She would often make this dessert for the entire family after one of their delicious barbeques.


As that summer neared to an end, Lisa and Evelyn continued to enjoy their own seacret spa, treating each other with relaxing and beautiful seacret products. They would also nibble on some of Lisa’s delicious baked treats as they enjoyed rejuvenating mud masks. It was a summer to remember and neither cousin wanted it to end. When the family closed up the summerhouse at the end of the summer season, Lisa and Evelyn gave each other a big hug and promised to never forget all of the fun they had had that wonderful summer by the lake.

How to Stay Looking and Feeling Young

December 5, 2013

There is no reason to stress and freak out over every birthday that comes and goes.  There are many tricks for looking and feeling younger.   Whether it’s proper exercise, eating healthier, or using a great skincare product, such as Seacret Mud Soap from Seacret Spa, these tips are guaranteed to help you feel better.  Starting off every morning right with a balanced breakfast is the first step.  There are so many healthy options so it’s almost impossible to go wrong.  Take a look at “Eating Well” to get some great ideas for unique, tasty and healthy meals.  Doesn’t a spinach and tomato frittata for breakfast, followed by a tortellini salad for lunch and then finish up with some Chicken Stir Fry for dinner, sound great?  Also, don’t worry about giving up desserts and snacks altogether.  Instead learn some great substitutes that will fill your craving, whilst keeping you at your best. read more …

The Benefits of Choosing Seacret Spa Products

October 20, 2013

There are many benefits to choosing Seacret as your Dead Sea cosmetics supplier, including excellent products and service. read more …

Seacret Puts the Benefits of the Dead Sea in Your Hand

July 17, 2013

The health benefits of the Dead Sea are now available in your hand thanks to Seacret.

While the importance of water in the desert can never be downplayed, the waters of the Dead Sea have proven to be just a little more special than those of most other desert lakes.


Set within the deserts of Israel and Jordan, the Dead Sea has become renowned for its therapeutic qualities. For centuries this Middle Eastern lake has lured visitors from across the globe with promises of healing waters that combat diseases and skin complaints, and being none other than the Fountain of Youth.


It’s true these stories have become extremely far-fetched, but in reality these waters are actually very good for the body. Thanks to its unique geographical and geological setting, the sea is rich with salt and other minerals, many of which prove beneficial to the body. Some of these minerals are completely unique to these waters, and even scientists have struggled when trying to replicate them under controlled conditions. The minerals of the Dead Sea have been known to prove valuable in tackling respiration complaints and skin diseases, with eczema, psoriasis, and asthma all on the list of those conditions that can be relieved with by taking a dip.


In recent years, minerals from the Dead Sea have become highly sought after within the cosmetics industry. As more and more people recognize the benefits of taking care of their skin, cosmetics companies have made a beeline for these unique minerals found in the Dead Sea. Seacret, for example, has utilized these to create a range of skin and face care products that replenish and rejuvenate skin.


Each item in the Seacret Spa range has been created using 100 percent authentic Dead Sea minerals to offer the very best care in skincare. While making the lengthy journey to the Dead Sea itself may be out of reach, its therapeutic qualities certainly are not.


Enhance Your Facial Care with Seacret

July 17, 2013

Dead Sea cosmetics expert Seacret can help add vitality to your facial care routine.

When it comes to facial care, there are plenty of ways in which we can improve the look and feel of our skin. We can also look after it in ways which can’t be seen or felt, thanks to nourishing and revitalizing products that are widely available. But knowing what to include in your facial care routine can be tricky. Here’s a look at a simple routine that will give your skin all that it needs.


Before we start, one thing worth considering is the use of Dead Sea cosmetics. The waters of the Dead Sea are mineral-rich, and these minerals are excellent for the skin. Companies like Seacret have now made it easy to get such products, thanks to mail order and online sales.


The Routine:




A.M. Following your bath/shower, begin your routine by applying cleanser or face wash to your face. Everybody’s skin is different so finding a cleanser than suits yours and feels good at the same time. Remove using cotton wool. Follow this up with an application of toner, which removes any cleanser residue and tightens pores, and reduces their visibility. After this, add a light moisturizer.


P.M. Use a waterproof makeup remover (if you wear makeup) before cleansing your skin as above. Alternatively, use a mud mask or peeling gel to add vitality to your skin. Again, apply toner before opting for a rich, nighttime moisturizer.


2-3 Times Per Week


Use a facial scrub or wash to exfoliate when necessary. Exfoliating two to three times a week is perfectly adequate, although some people prefer to exfoliate more or less often. Making use of an exfoliating cloth takes further good care of your skin.


Once a Week


Try to make time to use a deep-cleansing, exfoliating mask at least once a week. Follow this up with a moisturizing mask or peeling milk.


There you have it, a simple routine that can soon add life to your face. The Seacret Spa range features a number of suitable products that include Dead Sea minerals amongst their ingredients, a sure fire way to give your face that little extra TLC it deserves.

More Information : Island Suites

4 Reasons to Use Dead Sea Cosmetics From Seacret

July 17, 2013

Seacret provides Dead Sea cosmetics that can help you look and feel your best.

Seacret is one of the premier manufacturers and suppliers of Dead Sea cosmetics. Here are four reasons you should be checking out the company’s range:


1. Look Good


Thanks to Seacret’s experience in the field of Dead Sea cosmetics, the company’s range of products have been designed to make you look simply fantastic. The mineral-rich waters of the Dead Sea are very good for the skin, helping reduce the effects of a number of ailments, while also softening, smoothing and generally improving its appearance.


2. Feel Healthy


Looking good is nothing without feeling good. The Dead Sea is considered by many to be the original health spa, thanks to the therapeutic qualities of its waters. These qualities have made the transition to the cosmetics industry, and today you can feel healthy simply by applying these products to your skin.


3. Natural Ingredients


Finding cosmetics that really take care of the skin isn’t always easy. While you might look and feel good using other products, you can never be too sure what’s actually happening beneath the surface. Seacret’s range uses wholly natural ingredients, including directly-sourced Dead Sea minerals, a number of specialist oils and vitamins. Using this range of products allows you the peace of mind to be able to sit back and relax knowing your skin is in good hands.


4. Easy To Find


Finally, the Seacret Spa range offers all of the above with minimal fuss and bother. The range is available online, in shops and via mail order, meaning you can enjoy the benefits of the Dead Sea without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. Of course, once you use these products you’ll want to leave your home just to show off how great you look.

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